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TAD Labs Introduces New Evolution Series Speaker TAD-CE1TX to North America

New Stand Mount Speaker Featuring TAD’s Esoteric Technology Embodies the Legendary Company’s Design Philosophy

Hanover MA – Iconic Japanese audio brand, Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD Labs) announces the official North American launch of its new Compact Evolution CE1TX stand mount speaker. TAD’s engineering team thoughtfully preserved cherished elements of the original model, the multi-award-winning Compact Evolution CE1 speaker, while making significant upgrades to the woofer and midrange units, as well as other subtle refinements inside and out, to achieve an impeccably remastered speaker.


Core Technologies

TAD’s engineering approach is backed by almost 50 years of theoretical modeling and precise testing. The result is a legacy of hifi technology known for accurate sound reproduction that captures nuance and detail with no artificial coloration. The new Compact Evolution CE1TX is no exception.

“The CE1TX is the culmination of TAD’s core technologies and the latest innovations in acoustic research and development,” said Shinji Tarutani, President of TAD Labs. “We believe this speaker upholds TAD’s time-honored tradition of creating products that deliver a truly immersive, soul- stirring music-listening experience, and we are delighted to share it with the world.”


Evolution Remastered

Building on the achievements of its predecessor, the CE1TX features an array of subtle and significant upgrades including a refined midrange diaphragm that is lighter in weight and produces lower distortion, optimized bass alignment, and an expanded linear excursion.

   Key Features:

  • TAD’s proprietary CST (Coherent Source Transducer) Driver controls the directivity of the concentrically mounted midrange and tweeter and delivers ultra-wide-range reproduction from 250 Hz up to 100 kHz with clear and solid imaging.

  • Just like the tweeters found in TAD’s top-of-the-line Reference TX Series, the CE1TX tweeter features a light yet rigid beryllium diaphragm that is manufactured with TAD’s proprietary vapor deposition technique. TAD’s computer-analyzed optimization technique Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method (HSDOM) was applied in designing the form of the diaphragm. The result is a tweeter with precise control of its divided vibrations and piston motions, yielding ultra-wide-range reproduction of up to 100 kHz.

  • The SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) enclosure combines strength and optimized vibration dampening.

  • Equipped with the Bidirectional Aerodynamic Slot (ADS) Port, this ingenious design places slit-shaped ports (ducts) in both side panels with flared openings to the front and rear to allow air to flow smoothly through them. This layout eliminates unwanted port noise to deliver rich and natural bass that can fill even the largest of rooms.

  • The midrange features a newly developed magnesium diaphragm that results in high internal loss, meaning clear, distortion-free midrange reproduction.

  • The newly developed MACS II (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell Second Generation ) woofer diaphragm is made from five layers of woven and non-woven aramid fabric, resulting in a richer, clearer bass and smooth, coloration-free reproduction in the mid- to-low frequency range.

  • The elegant wood enclosure has been updated with a mirrored finish to accentuate the wood’s natural grain. Skilled artisans spend hours finishing each enclosure with meticulous care, first applying high-grade, clear coating to the surface and finishing with a surface polish that is sanded to perfection.


Stands & Accessories

The TAD-ST2TX stands are specially designed to support the CE1TX speakers. Built with strength and a high vibration-dampening quality, the ST2TX stands bring out the absolute best of the speaker. Cone-shaped spikes, auxiliary feet, and other accessories are included.

“TAD is a legendary brand and we feel honored to be their exclusive North American distributor,” said Dave Malekpour, president of Professional Audio Design (PAD) HiFi. “We are long-time fans of the TAD sound and the CE1TX delivers on cue.”

The CE1TX is priced at $32,500 (per pair). The TAD-ST2TX stands are sold separately at $2,500 (per pair) . Pre-order is available through PAD HiFi and select specialty retailers.

TAD-CE1TX-WN specifications

Type: 3-way, bass-reflex bookshelf speaker system

Woofer: 18 cm cone

Midrange and tweeter: Coaxial 14 cm cone and 3.5 cm dome

Frequency response: 34 Hz to 100 kHz

Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz and 1.8 kHz

Sensitivity: 85 dB (2.83 V at 1 m)

Maximum input: 200 W

Nominal impedance: 4 Ω

Unit polarity Bass: +; midrange: +; high: +

Dimensions: 287 mm (W) x 510 mm (H) x 447 mm (D)

Weight: 29 kg

Accessories: Woofer grille, 2 short cables, 4 non-slip pads, cleaning cloth, owner’s manual

TAD-ST2TX-K specifications

Dimensions (per unit): 399 mm (W) x 591 mm (H) x 485 mm (D) (with no spikes attached)

Weight (per unit):18.5 kg

Accessories (per pair): 6 cone-shaped spikes, 4 auxiliary feet, 6 spike holders, 6 cork sheets, 16 assembly screws, 4 screws for securing the bottom of the speaker to the strut, owner’s manual

Click the PDF for more technical notes

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