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TAD Introduces the Evolution Series CE1TX Speaker System In Piano Black


Hanover, MA - Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TADL, TAD Labs) today announced the TAD-CE1TX standmount speaker system in classic piano black as the newest addition to its Evolution Series of hi-fi audio components.


The new black-enclosure CE1TX is a variant of the critically acclaimed wood grain finish enclosure, released in the United States earlier this year.  With the introduction of this new color option, TAD aims to accommodate a variety of aesthetics among discerning audio enthusiasts.


The TAD-ST2TX, an optional speaker stand designed specifically for the CE1TX, perfectly matches the piano black and original wood grain cabinets alike.


Main Features

1. Classic piano-black finish

The enclosure of the TAD-CE1TX-K has a timeless mirrored piano-black finish, which is made possible by a meticulous process of painting, polishing, buffing, and fine-polishing completed by skilled artisans.


2. CST Driver delivers ideal single-point-source sound

The CE1TX boasts TAD’s proprietary CST Driver, which controls the directivity of the concentrically mounted midrange and tweeter over an extended frequency range from the point of matching phase. This culminates in clear and solid imaging, as well as natural sound field reproduction. The midrange cone controls the directional characteristic of the concentrically mounted tweeter to bring the phase and directivity of their output in line in the crossover region. The result is ultra-wide-range reproduction from 250 Hz up to 100 kHz by the CST driver alone, while achieving a natural attenuation characteristic and directivity pattern across all bands.


3. Tweeter featuring a beryllium diaphragm

The CE1TX uses a light yet rigid beryllium diaphragm for its tweeter, manufactured with TAD’s proprietary vapor deposition technique. TAD’s computer-analyzed optimization technique called Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method (HSDOM) was applied in designing the form of the diaphragm in order to achieve precise control of its divided vibrations and piston motions, which makes possible ultra-wide-range reproduction of up to 100 kHz.


4. Midrange featuring a newly developed magnesium diaphragm having a high internal loss

The midrange’s diaphragm is made of magnesium, which is one of the lightest metals and has a high internal loss—ideal characteristics for materials to be used for diaphragms. The application of hybrid chemical conversion coating and painting to the surface gives it additional hardness and a yet greater internal loss. The result is clearer, distortion-free midrange reproduction unaffected by unwanted resonance. In addition, resonance in the mid-to-high frequencies generated by interactions between the suspension and diaphragm is effectively controlled to achieve an even lower distortion and a greater transient response.


5. Woofer with a newly developed MACS II* diaphragm

TAD has refined the woofer diaphragm made of five layers of woven and non-woven aramid fabric to optimize the physical property of the shell-shaped diaphragm that integrates the center cap and cone into a single piece. The result is a richer and clearer bass and the smooth, coloration-free reproduction in the mid-to-low frequency range.

*Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell Second Generation


6. SILENT* enclosure that combines strength and an outstanding vibration-dampening characteristic

The CE1TX comes in a SILENT enclosure, which combines sturdy birch-plywood braces with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panels having a high internal loss to provide superb strength and an outstanding vibration-dampening characteristic. The addition of 10 mm-thick hard aluminum side panels further reduces the vibration of the cabinet down to a minimum. Moreover, acoustic absorbent chosen and placed inside the enclosure, based on meticulous analyses of internal standing waves, helps eliminate standing waves that would adversely affect the sound field and imaging performance of the speaker.

*Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology


7. Bidirectional ADS Port for rich, natural bass

The CE1TX has inherited the Bidirectional ADS Port from its predecessor, the CE1. This ingenious design places slit-shaped ports (ducts) in both side panels with flared openings to the front and rear to allow air to flow smoothly through them. This design reduces port noise generated at high amplitude levels and keeps internal standing waves from escaping from the ports, resulting in a rich, responsive bass. The symmetrically placed port openings, both laterally and along the front-rear axis, cancel out vibrations from the port movement to deliver a natural bass.


The CE1TX in piano black will be available late October 2023 at select specialty retailers.  The MSRP is $40,000 USD.

TAD-CE1TX-K specifications

Type: 3-way, bass-reflex bookshelf speaker system

Woofer: 18 cm cone

Midrange and tweeter: Coaxial 14 cm cone and 3.5 cm dome

Frequency response: 34 Hz to 100 kHz

Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz and 1.8 kHz


Sensitivity: 85 dB (2.83 V at 1 m)


Maximum input: 200 W


Nominal impedance: 4 Ω


Unit polarity: Bass: +; midrange: +; high: +


Dimensions: 287 mm (W) x 510 mm (H) x 447 mm (D)


Weight: 29 kg


Accessories: Woofer grille, 2 short cables, 4 non-slip pads, cleaning cloth, owner’s manual

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