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New full-size separated components in the Reference series, the AP-701 and UD-701N will be released


TEAC Corporation (TOKYO:6803) will release the first full-size separated components in the Reference series, a stereo power amplifier AP-701 and a USB DAC/Network player UD-701N.

The AP-701 is a new flagship stereo power amplifier that merges all the elements desired in a power amplifier at a high level, creating a new standard.
Accommodating independent left/right high-capacity toroidal core power transformers, discrete buffer amplifiers and two Ncore modules to provide a complete dual mono structure from input to output, while the input stage of each channel employs a fully-balanced design, so the dynamism of input signals is amplified as is, maximizing the innate performance of the speakers.

The cabinet is primarily comprised of 3mm-thick heavy metal platel but has a flexible structure to control vibration. By incorporating joints with suspension functions, the vibration frequency of the entire device is controlled to reproduce open and vibrant sound.

The UD-701N is a new flagship USB DAC/Network Player that combines a network player, an analog preamp, a headphone amplifier and various other functions on the advanced USB DAC function, accommodating a newly designed TEAC ΔΣ(Delta Sigma) discrete DACs.

As a USB DAC and network player, 22.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM are supported. Employing the newly-developed TEAC ΔΣdiscrete DAC, all digital signals are converted to analog signals with high audio quality.

Not only can this be used for all kinds of digital playback, from systems centered on a PC or Mac to audio server systems using NAS and streaming playback, it can also fulfill a core role in systems as a preamp with analog and digital inputs. Along with allowing listening through speakers in combination with a power amplifier, it also supports balanced headphone output using a 4-pin XLR jack.

The UD-701N is an all-around unit that flexibly supports new listening styles in a new age.


AP-701 Stereo Power Amplifier

  • Two Ncore power modules made by Hypex Electronics B.V. And tuned especially for this model

  • High output with a practical maximum of 260 W + 260 W (4Ω) / 170 W + 170 W (8Ω)

  • Dual mono design throughout entire system

  • Clean signal amplification realized with a fully balanced design at the input stage

  • Two independent left/right high-capacity toroidal core power supply transformers

  • Discrete buffer amplifiers used in the input stage

  • Three supporting pinpoint feet that are easy to install (patent numbers 4075477 and 3778108)

  • Two linked VU meters which show musical pulse, with four dimmer levels and two sensitivity settings

  • Fan-free design to minimize noise

  • 12V trigger in and through for power synchronization


UD-701N USB/DAC/Network Player


  • Newly-developed TEAC ΔΣ(Delta Sigma) discrete DAC

  • Dual mono, fully-balanced circuit structure realizes outstanding channel separation

  • Playback of 22.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM is possible as a USB DAC and network player

  • Preamp function with four digital inputs and two pairs of RCA/XLR line inputs

  • 4-pin XLR headphone amplifier that can be switched between balanced and active ground

  • MQA full decoder function that also supports digital inputs of CD Player

  • Upconversion to 2/4/8× sampling frequencies using RDOT-NEO

  • Bluetooth® receiver supports LDAC, aptX™ HD, and other high-resolution codecs

  • Conforms to OpenHome standards and supports Roon Ready

  • Supports Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, and TuneIn (Internet Radio)

  • Unique TEAC-HCLD2 enhanced-current output buffer circuits

  • Analog preamp circuits with high resolution using TEAC-QVCS

 * Roon Ready and Tidal Connect will be supported by future firmware update.
 * Design and specifications may subject to change without notice.

The Reference 700 Series is available for purchase now at and select dealers across North America. The MSRP for the AP-701 is $3,799.99 USD and the UD-701N is $4,299.99 USD.


For more information, including specs, please visit the product pages at

AP-701 Product Page
UD-701N Product Page

AP-701 Images

UD-701N Images

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