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TEAC announces new belt-drive turntable TN-3B-SE with a knife-edge tone-arm bearings


TEAC Corporation (TOKYO:6803) will release a new belt-drive analog turntable TN-3B-SE.  

The TN-3B-SE is a stylish, sleek-looking belt-driven turntable with a built-in MM-type PHONO EQ amplifier.  It employs a new tonearm with knife-edge, pivot-point bearings, collaborated with SAEC, the high-end tonearm manufacturer, for superlative stability and resolution. The belt-drive mechanism, meanwhile, helps mitigate any unwanted cogging effects (ie fine pulsing) from the operation of the motor, to ensure a precise and smooth platter rotation. The TN-3B-SE also employs a VM-type cartridge the AT-VM95E manufactured by audio-technica and a high-precision NJM8080 op-amp in its in-built Phono EQ amplifier, allowing the user to enjoy the sound of their vinyl records with low distortion and in high quality.

The TN-3B-SE delivers a natural and well-balanced sound quality and is quick and easy to set up and start enjoying. We believe it sets a new standard that will satisfy the needs of both audiophiles and ardent record collectors.


  • Belt-drive mechanism

  • 2-speed turntable supporting 33-⅓ and 45 rpm

  • Knife-edge, pivot-point tonearm, designed by high-end tonearm manufacturer SAEC

  • Aluminum die-cast platter

  • Built-in PHONO EQ amplifier compatible with MM-type cartridges

  • Hi-fi grade op-amp, NJM8080, used in PHONO EQ stage

  • Anti-skating mechanism

  • PHONO/LINE analog output (switchable)

  • Gold-plated oxidation-resistant output connectors

  • Pre-installed AT-VM95E cartridge supplied by audio-technica

  • Rigid, high-density MDF plinth with multi-layered lacquer finish

  • Shock-absorbing insulating feet

  • GND terminal

  • RoHS compliant

The TN-3B-SE is available for purchase now at and select dealers across North America. The MSRP is $529.99 USD.

For more information, including product specs, please visit the TN-3B-SE product page.

TN-3B-SE Images

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