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About TAD Labs​: Founded in 1975, Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Inc (TAD Labs) is a descendant of Pioneer and has evolved to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-end audio components and speaker systems for both the consumer and professional audio markets.  

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​August 31, 2023​

TAD Labs Introduces the Evolution Series TAD-GE1 Speaker System

New floorstanders incorporate technology originally developed for top-of-the-line Reference Series speaker systems

TAD Labs Introduces the Evolution Series TAD-C1000 Preamplifier

A stereo masterpiece that shares design language with the critically acclaimed Evolution Series


February 17, 2023

TAD Labs Introduces New Evolution Series Speaker TAD-CE1TX to North America

New Stand Mount Speaker Featuring TAD’s Esoteric Technology Embodies the Legendary Company’s Design Philosophy

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